Prettoni® designs and manufactures high-quality made-to-measure blinds and window treatments for small and large projects worldwide by working closely with architects, engineers and interior designers.

Terms and conditions

Placing an order/service involves accepting the terms and conditions and processing personal data.


Manufacturing: 5-10 working days from payment of products/services.
Delivery/execution term: 5-15* working days from the payment of the products/services.
*Please note that our company does everything possible to produce/deliver your orders in a timely manner, but unforeseen situations may occur (e.g. delay components / textiles / products ordered from our supplier, weather conditions bring unforeseen delays from courier companies, etc.)
Payment: Being personalized products, made according to the specifications required by the customer, payment is requested 100% in advance. Exceptional cases may occur (by mutual agreement in advance), when payment is allowed in several installments, but not less than 50% in advance.
Until payment is made, your order is not considered firm.
Payment is non-refundable: after payment of the deposit the order can no longer be modified / canceled (according to oug 34 2014., art. 16 para. 3)
If applicable, final payment*: If there is a balance left, it must be paid before the time of completion of the works/delivery of the products.
*The penalties applied in case of delay in the payment of the invoice reach up to 8% of the unpaid value, for each day of delay.
Due to the recession of the economy caused by COVID-19 the remaining amounts for the second tranche are paid in full before the date of installation.
Amounts over 1,000 EUR are paid exclusively by bank transfer.


SELLER - PRETTONI is the trade name of S.C. BEXMON SRL, legal person of Romanian nationality, having a unique fiscal registration code RO 24063308, with its registered office in Targu Secuiesc, str. Brazilor no. 9, Covasna county, code: 525400. Contact details are: e-mail:, tel: +44-20-7096-5030.
CUSTOMER - can be any natural person over the age of 16 or legal person or any legal entity that issues an order.



Consulting by Prettoni specialized teams can be performed in the following ways:
- Online: by e-mail (, through the contact form on the website, or through social networks (Facebook)
- Telephone: +44-20-7096-5030


The price offer is calculated according to the measurements and information submitted by the customer, and may be subject to change if later material/system is requested, or the measurements submitted by the buyer differ greatly from the measurements made by our specialists on site.


For orders without measurement and installation services there is no mandatory minimum value
All products will be manufactured according to the measurements sent by the customer.
The seller provides the customer with all measurement and installation instructions for the ordered products.
All information used to describe the products (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / etc.) does not represent a contractual obligation on the part of the seller, these being used exclusively as a presentation.
The order is considered firm and final from the moment of payment. After payment, the order can no longer be modified/canceled (according to oug 34 2014., art. 16 para. 3).


The buyer undertakes, as the case may be, to release the necessary space for the performance of the measurement services.
The measurement services are performed according to the schedule at a fixed date and time, by mutual agreement at the client's home.
The client undertakes to notify the team of any information that is necessary for the installation services, such as:
- if there is an electricity/heating network in the assembly area
- if furniture or any object will be installed around the assembly area, which would limit the correct operation of the products
- types of walls and their thickness.


The seller agrees to deliver the goods and services and the customer agrees to receive and pay for these goods and services.
The exact price offer is calculated after the completion of the measurement services, and the choice of systems and textiles for each product.
The customer undertakes to verify all the data in the order form, and to confirm to the seller their correctness by signing the order form.
By placing the order, the customer states that he has received and agrees with all the information regarding the installation of the products (possible damage to the walls, drilling of the window profiles, limitation of the opening of doors or windows, etc.).
The order is considered firm from the moment of payment of the products.
Orders are taken within the available resources.
After the payment of the deposit, the order can no longer be modified/canceled (according to oug 34 2014., art. 16 par. 3).


5-15 working days from the payment of the products/services.
Being customized products, made according to the specifications required by the customer, unforeseen situations may occur, or special orders, when the delivery time is increased, such as:
- meteorological conditions
- purchase of special products
- delay of parts/materials ordered from the supplier
- services/delayed deliveries from courier companies
It is not considered a delay if the customer, for personal reasons, cannot receive the assembly team within the pre-established deadline.

The assembly is made according to the schedule at a fixed date and time, by mutual agreement at the client's home.
It is necessary that the space in which the assembly is performed be released before the arrival of the assembly team.
Services do not include:
- finishing works or wall repairs.
- connection works to the electrical network
- removal of old products from the assembly area
If the assembly area has undergone changes (installation of objects/furniture around them, change of carpentry) compared to the time of measurement, the seller does not guarantee the correct operation of the products.
The customer provides electricity to the assembly team.


The measurement services are performed against cost, and the price is established in advance in the price offer.
The cost of the services is deducted from the final price, if the products are purchased, and the final price is over 500 EUR.
The cost of the measurement services is paid in full in advance.
The measurement fee is not refundable if:
- the customer gives up the measurement services without notification with min. 5 hours before the set date.
- the client postpones the setting of the date for the measurement services for more than 30 calendar days.
- the customer does not purchase the products from the seller.


The order is considered firm and final from the moment of paying the price of the products. (Exceptional cases may occur (with prior agreement), when payment is allowed in several installments, but not less than 50% in advance.)
After payment, the order can no longer be modified/canceled (according to oug 34 2014., art. 16 para. 3).

If there are any remaining balances, they must be paid before the end of the works/delivery of the products.
The penalties applied in case of late payment reach up to 8% of the unpaid value, for each day of delay.
If during the assembly defects of the products are discovered, or the difference from those written in the order form, the remaining balance is paid only after their replacement by the seller.


All products sold by the seller benefit from a commercial guarantee according to law 449/2003, republished in 2008 and subsequently amended by GEO 174/2008.
All products sold by Prettoni are guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of payment of the remaining balance, and 12 months for installation services.
The finding of the defects will be made by the client, in writing to the e-mail address The duration of the warranty period is extended by the time elapsed from the date on which the manufacturer ascertains the defect and until the date of its re-operation. For post warranty, service and accessories are provided for a fee.

Ownership of the goods will be transferred upon delivery, after full payment by the customer.


Seller cannot be held liable for any damages that the customer or any third party may suffer as a result of the seller fulfilling any of its obligations under the order and for damages resulting from the use of goods and services after delivery and for their loss.
Seller reserves the right to periodically update and modify the Terms and Conditions to reflect any changes in the manner and conditions of operation of the Site or any changes in legal requirements. The document is opposable to Customers / Users / Buyers from the moment of posting on the Site. In case of any such change, we will display on the Site the modified version of the Document, reason for which please check periodically the content of this Document.

The customer agrees to ensure access to his property for the recovery of the goods delivered, or delivered and installed by the seller if the goods have not been paid in full.


The protection of personal data is important to us when you access our website. We present below the information regarding the processing of personal data.

The data operator
As the owner of this website, we respect the privacy and security of the personal data of all persons who visit our website. Thus, we always want the information we receive to be used only for legal and determined purposes.

Collection of personal data

In order to contact our team in order to contract the services we offer, to obtain additional information about our services or to receive messages from us regarding promotional campaigns or other actions of the company, we need to fill in some personal data such as: name, surname, address, email, phone number.
By completing the online registration forms, you agree that your data may enter our database and be used for the purposes mentioned.
We will always respect the European legislation regarding the protection of personal data, regardless of the way in which they were transmitted to us (by email, telephone, contact form, order form).

The provision of personal data is:

3.1 Voluntary, without regard to the subsequent conclusion of a commercial relationship.
3.2 Mandatory, in order to purchase our services or products and, implicitly, for the conclusion of a commercial relationship and its fiscal registration, including invoicing.
3.3 Optional, for receiving various advertising messages (campaigns, promotions), newsletters. If you do not agree to the transmission of data for this purpose, it does not mean that you cannot benefit from our services or products.

For what purpose we process personal data

4.1 Your data will only be processed for the purposes mentioned in point 2. of this information.
4.2 In the event that your data will have to be processed for purposes other than those presented in point 2, you will be informed before processing them, and they will be processed only with your consent.

Disclosure of personal data

5.1. Your personal data collected will only be disclosed to authorized employees and collaborators and to contractors / partners who have the capacity of authorized persons.
If you refuse to send us the correct data, we will be unable to process and honor your order regarding our services or products. We will also not be able to provide information about a particular product if you have requested it.

Transfer of personal data outside the EU
Your data will not be transferred to non-EU countries.

Data storage

We store your data for a limited period of time, respectively for the entire period of contracting the services and until the expiration of their contracting period.

Data security
Information security is very important to us. The data we receive is stored on servers that have implemented security measures, such as:
- Discovering Security breaches and their causes
- recovery of personal data
- limiting security breaches
In the event that we find that there has been a breach of the security of your personal data, we will immediately inform the management of the server company, and it will take all measures to restore data security, make every effort not to cause any damage and also, will notify the Supervisory Authority regarding the security incident, if it is suspected that the security breach may lead to a high risk for the rights and freedoms of the persons whose personal data security has been affected.


9.1 Cookies are fragments of information that the site transfers to users in order to keep track of them. While you are on a site, cookies save your preferences and thus make browsing the web easier. Most websites use cookies. They are not used to store personal information, they show us how and when visitors use the site, and they help us see which areas are popular and which are not.
9.2 We use cookies (special texts) for a good evaluation of the behavior of users on our websites in order to provide marketing services correctly and so that you can benefit from all the facilities of the site you visit, the information which we collect through cookies and transparent gifs to create a "profile" of your preferences.
9.3 Cookies can be disabled using browser preferences. Thus, you can set the browser to reject all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is sent. However, if cookies are disabled, we inform you that it is very possible that certain functionalities of the website may not be used or have a very slow loading speed.

Your rights

Right to information - you have the right to be informed of all the details mentioned above.
Right of access - refers to the right to obtain confirmation from us that we are processing or not processing your personal data and, if so, you have access to the data provided and information on how the data is processed.
Right to object - you have the right to object to the processing of personal data if the processing is carried out for purposes for which you were not aware. At the same time, you have the right to object to the processing of data at any time with regard to direct marketing.
The right to data portability - gives you the right to receive personal data in a format that can be read automatically and that allows data to be transmitted directly to another operator.
The right to delete data ("right to be forgotten") - you have the right to request that the data be deleted, without undue delay, in situations such as: the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or processed; you have withdrawn your consent and there is no other legal basis for processing; you object to the processing and there are no legitimate reasons to prevail; personal data has been processed illegally; personal data must be deleted in order to comply with a legal obligation; personal data were collected in connection with the provision of information society services.
Right to data restriction - refers to the right to request the restriction of data for a period of time, such as when the decision to delete your data has been made and you consider it useful in various situations, such as exercising a right in court . Also, in the event that you dispute the accuracy of the data or the processing is illegal, you can request the restriction of the data. After receiving your request and after verifying it, we will stop processing personal data for a period of time.
Right to rectification of data - you can request the rectification of certain personal data, if they are incomplete or inaccurate. Thus, depending on the purpose of the processing, you can complete and then submit personal data that are missing or incorrect, and you can even complete a declaration of compliance.
The right to file a complaint with the National Authority for the Supervision of the Processing of Personal Data, when you find that your rights regarding the processing of personal data have been violated.

11. Suggestions and complaints

If you have questions, suggestions, complaints or any requests regarding the processing of personal data, you can contact us by email or send us a written request, directly to our headquarters.
We will try to resolve all requests as soon as possible. If our answer did not satisfy you, you can contact the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (head office at 28-30 Gheorghe Magheru Blvd., Sector 1, Bucharest).