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Roller Blinds: Most popular shading systems in the world!

Roller Blinds: Most popular shading systems in the world!

With its endless possibilities in terms of style and functionality, roller blinds are the most popular shading systems in the world. The simplicity of the blinds is the perfect solution for both homes and offices. From basic to premium, custom structures offer the perfect solution for home, commercial or industrial interiors. As an expert in shading technology, with many years of experience, we can offer a wide range of products to meet any of your personal need.

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About Roller Blinds:

The blinds are made of stretch fabric and structure. In our wide range of materials, you can find everything from ethers to translucent blinds for total light insulation, light transmission to fashionable transparent materials. Textile blinds serve not only a functional purpose, but also a decorative one in a palette of colors and multiple textures that can be associated with decorative elements inside the home or room where they will be installed. They can be installed on any type of window, with normal opening, oscillating or rooflight windows due to the different types of installation mechanisms: with cassette system, with guide on strings or rails. Depending on the textile materials they are made of, we have black-out roller shutters that completely block the light from the outside, thermal insulation shutters that help to block the heat. The textile rollers are operated by means of a metal chain.


  • Custom dimensions: textile blinds can be ordered in any size for mounting on window, ceiling or wall
  • Complete light barrier: dim-out roller shutters, made of rubber or heat-insulating textile material
  • Light filtering: semi-transparent or screen type textile rolls
  • Unlimited customization: textile rollers with personalized print according to individual preference
  • Durable installation without drilling, double glazing: textile rollers with metal fastening system
  • Increased durability in style: textile roller blinds with metal chains
  • Cassette systems: textile rollers with cassette systems, cord or rail guide
  • Easy to clean and maintain: textile rollers made of moisture-resistant materials, antistatic treated
  • Child safety: textile rollers to secure the guidewires

More information about textile roller blinds:

What are they? Textile blinds are pieces of fabric that wrap around a tube at the top of the window.

Textile roller blinds can be used in interior decoration, giving a note of elegance and have the role of protecting against the sun's rays. It also gives the home discretion towards the outside.

Due to the range of materials, colors and types of actuation of textile rollers, they have an amazing effect on the home. The materials can be standard textiles, but they can also be black-out, which are rubberized on the back, and thus the light is 100% blocked. There are also semi-transparent textiles that allow light to filter.

Textile rollers allow rolling and unrolling by actuating the ball chain that allows the roller to be stopped in any intermediate position.

Perfect for: all the rooms of a house.

Cleaning and maintenance: wipe with a dry cloth or a damp cloth for waterproof materials.

How does it work? The textile blinds are operated by means of the plastic chain mechanism for lifting and lowering.

Other features:

  • Textile blinds are one of the most versatile room shading options;
  • Wide range of materials;
  • Custom rollers to get the design you want.