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Zebra Blinds – The Top of Shading Systems

March 24, 2023

Zebra blinds are also called day & night blinds, they represent one of the newest room shading solutions. Zebra blinds perfectly combine functionality and decoration. By rolling the two pieces of textile materials, transparent and opaque, the effect called day and night is obtained, thus adjusting the brightness or shading of the rooms, depending on the needs of each one.

When the transparent strips overlap the transparent ones, maximum brightness is obtained in the room, and when the opaque strips overlap, maximum shading is obtained.

The way they are made reminds us of the horizontal blinds, which, thanks to the slats, allow you to adjust the intensity of the light entering the room, and when the blinds are closed, you can admire the landscape outside.

Day-night blinds are the ideal choice for modern interiors and thanks to their construction, it is possible to cover larger windows.

The zebra blind shading system can be mounted on the window frame, on the ceiling or on the wall.